A Beautiful Lace for a Bridal Gown

A most divine, glorious bridal gown lace recently arrived at the White Silk Bridal Couture boutique in Tauranga.

It’s hand-beaded French lace with motifs, with glass beads and blush pearls.

I absolutely adore it, as I’m sure many brides will in their search for wedding dresses.

The lace is currently in limited supply (just thought best to mention). Don’t worry though if you’d like to look at other laces. I have many intricate lace patterns for you to choose from.

My White Silk Bridal Couture boutique is at the Historic Village in Tauranga if you wish to make a bridal gown consultation.

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Five Wedding Dress Tips to Help Brides Get a Dream Gown

Right now, there’ll be future brides searching for wedding dresses online and at bridal shops across the world. The sight of all the different bridal gown options and the depth of information can often be overwhelming. 

We believe at White Silk Bridal Couture in Tauranga, New Zealand that the process of creating a dream bridal gown should be an enjoyable and stress-free one for every bride. 

And so we created a list of five wedding dress tips to consider when looking for designer wedding dresses.

1.The bridal gown consultation

It’s really important for a bride to have a relaxed, inspiring and joyful consultation with their bridal gown designer. We adore the consultations we have at our boutique in the Historic Village, Tauranga.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to discuss ideas and then see designer Nicky Hayward start to sketch a design.

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2. The quality of fabric and lace used 

We only use the finest fabric and lace for our designer wedding gowns. This quality helps to ensure a bridal gown is elegant, timeless and romantic.

No matter where you’re looking for wedding dresses, whether it’s at our Tauranga bridal shop or elsewhere, we really encourage you to look closely at the fabric to check its quality meets your expectations. 

three bridal gowns on mannequins close to a bridal shop window

3.Your gown needs to be made-to-measure

One of the great aspects of being a bespoke bridal gown designer, is that our wedding dresses, including the latest collection, fit every bride perfectly. That’s because they are made-to-measure, specifically for a bride’s physique. 

a woman adjusts a red gown as it sits on a mannequin

4.You need to check the testimonials from other brides

It really is vital that you check testimonials for the bridal gown designer you choose, whether it is White Silk Bridal Couture or another designer. See what brides have said about their wedding dresses, and if you can, read as many testimonials as possible.

It’s also worth having a look at bridal gowns that brides have worn. We love receiving images from our clients and have a selection of real wedding photographs for you to check out.


5.Remember to ask lots of questions

Contact your preferred designer and ask them questions about the gown creation process. Bridal gown designers love to chat about wedding dresses (well, they should because it’s a brilliant subject). It’s also worth reading up on FAQs about bridal gowns too.

We hope the above has helped you in your search for your dream bridal gown. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you with further wedding dress tips.

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A woman in a white bridal gown walks on the grass

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