The Bridal Gown Designer at White Silk Bridal Couture

With over a decade of experience in the fashion and bridal industry, Nicky Hayward is the bridal gown designer and couturier of White Silk Bridal Couture in Tauranga.

After establishing and refining her talent and skills through working under one of New Zealand’s leading bridal designers, Nicky now has her own boutique, creating gowns for clients across the country.

White Silk Bridal has an appointment only private bridal studio in Tauranga, where Nicky brings to life the wedding gown dreams of her clients.

She adores the process of working one on one with brides and creating a wedding gown that every bride will always treasure.

A specialised bridal gown designer service

A consultation is the first appointment a bride will make. With undivided attention we will discuss a bride’s ideas, try on wedding gowns, develop designs to suit the individual’s physique.

We’ll also select fabrics and laces, define features and embellishments and discuss the venue. And of course we’ll discuss groom’s wear, bridesmaids’ attire, flowers, hair, make up etc to ensure everyone complements the bride.

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The second appointment that a bride comes in for is their calico. This will ensure a tailored fit for her wedding dress, but brides also get to see where design lines are placed, how low or high they want their necklines etc. And so a mini visual of the gown is created.

The bridal gown fitting

The third appointment is the wedding dress fitting. The gown is made, but here any adjustments are made and the hem is altered. The final appointment is the finished dress fitting. It is here when we do a full dress rehearsal and styling.

You will also be taught how to hold your posture correctly. And how to walk, the flower position, bridesmaid duties. This will help ease stress on the day of the wedding.  

Here at White Silk Bridal Couture, we believe having a gown designed and created should be the most stress-free, enjoyable and memorable experience. 

We believe in using the very finest silks and laces. And we believe in making a wedding dress for you that is unique and perfectly designed.

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